Friday, January 02, 2009

Vietnam Tourism Sector Seeks Luxury Travellers during Economic Crisis

According to the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), the Vietnamese tourism sector should focus its energies on the luxury market with figures during the current economic crisis indicating that the top 3% of tourists are spending 20% of total tourism expenditure.

The top 3% of tourists represent a significant segment of the Vietnamese tourism market as they have an average spend of approximately $5000 compared to tourists normal average spend of around $750.

Luxury travellers have been placed in the enviable position of being able to demand nothing short of the most thrilling and unique experiences and personal and confidential service during their holidays in Vietnam.

Ha Pham, founder and CEO of the Luxury Travel Company said that Vietnam has the potential to develop into an upscale destination, where products and services must be created to cater for the niche market rather than “sell the same tourism products since 10 years ago”.

He added, “Golfing, spa, beach vacation, family travel, junk and sampan cruises, honeymoon and romance moved up to the top notch and favorites for upscale travelers. Vietnam’s appeal is vast”

Vietnam will be provided with the perfect opportunity to advertise its image on a global platform next year when it hosts international events such as the ASEAN tourism forum 2009.