Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vietnam Visa - Apply Online

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Not so long ago, Vietnam introduced an Online Visa Service where by travelers can apply online instead of the traditional and sometime painful method of contacting Embassies in your local area.

Whilst I have yet to use the service myself, several people I know have and they are all saying good things about it!

To find out more details and what it is all about I spoke to staff an online company based in Hanoi. Check out below for the details!

Adam - Who needs a visa for Vietnam?

My Vietnam Visa (MVV) - All visitors to Vietnam require a visa except those coming from ASEAN Countries, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. As of the 1st Jan Russian visitors will not require a tourist visa either for visits of 15 days or less.

Adam - Whats the process for applying for Visa?

 Travelers wanting to apply for a visa, can simply visit our site (see below) and follow 3 easy steps. Firstly fill in and submit a form through our site, then confirm and pay for the visa. Finally travelers will receive a Visa Approval Letter via email which they can show immigration officials on arrival in Vietnam.

Adam - How long does it take to get a visa approved?

MVV- The Visa Approval Letter is sent to customers with in 48 hours of applying. For special cases, the Letters can be approved within 4 - 8 working hours. 

Adam -
 Can you use Online Visa's to enter Vietnam via airports and land borders?

MVV - No. Travelers can only enter through Vietnam's 3 International Airports in Hanoi, HCMC and Danang. Online Visa's can not be used for land crossings.

Adam - How much does it cost for visa's online?

MVV - The cost varies for different visa's your visitors can visit our website for exact costs. (Ed - Go here for Pricing)

Adam - I believe there are two payments travelers need to pay. Can you explain what they are and when they have to be paid?

MVV - There are two payments required. When you apply online for a Visa you pay a processing fee (pay online).

Then once you arrive in Vietnam, you must pay a Stamping Fee direct to the Immigration Official at the airport (upon arrival in Vietnam). Payments in Vietnam are payed in USD.

Adam - What sort of visa's are offered online?

 Visitors may apply for tourist, business and student visa's online.

Adam - Thanks for your time!

For more information about Vietnam Visa's or to apply for a visa,