Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vietnam to declare higher education quality in 2009

VietNamNet Bridge – The results of the training quality appraisal of 20 universities will be announced in January 2009. It will show the overall picture of the higher education situation, while helping create a competitive environment among universities, according to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).


The deputy head of the Examination and Education Quality Accreditation Department under MOET Pham Xuan Thanh said that the department has got information about the appraisals of the first 20 universities, including two people-founded universities. However, the appraisals still need to be reviewed by the National Council for Education Quality Accreditation, which will be the body announcing the results.


“The council was established on October 23. I hope that the results will be approved in January 2009,” Thanh said.


The Examination and Education Quality Accreditation Department has ‘placed orders’ with Higher Education Project No 2 to hire experts and foreign institutions to appraise the training quality of 60 universities. The appraisals will be carried out in three periods and focus on established universities.


Thanh said that the appraisals will be completed by early next year at the latest. Thanh said that the goal of having 80% of universities and 50% of junior colleges accredited by 2010 proves to be within reach.


“Every year, the Examination and Education Quality Accreditation Department surveys the situation of training quality at universities and colleges. However, the universities have reported inaccurate information, making it difficult to appraise and accredit training establishments,” Thanh said.


According to the department, in the last three years, 173 universities and 178 junior colleges, including 20 universities, two of which are people-founded, have finished the self-appraisal process, and have got appraisals from independent institutions. The universities are awaiting accreditation. Meanwhile, 27 universities, 16 junior colleges and 10 junior colleges have appraised their own curriculums, and are waiting for independent appraisal.


An appraisal of teaching quality by collecting opinions from students has been carried out at Can Tho University, the Hanoi University of Education, and the Academy for Journalism and Communication.


Meanwhile, the Hanoi and HCM City National Universities are striving to meet international standards in training and have been registering for accreditation with international accreditation institutions.


Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan said that most learners do not have enough information about training quality. Sometimes, universities launch big advertisement campaigns, but learners later find out that it was no more than that – just advertising.


Nhan has decided that by April 2009, universities have to announce the number of students who can find jobs one year after they graduate.


MOET has decided that 2009-2010 will be the time for pushing up education appraisal and accreditation for higher education. MOET encourages universities to be accredited by international institutions.