Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ben Thanh Market - District 1 - HCMC - Vietnam

Last night we headed in to Ben Thanh Market. One of the most famous markets in Vietnam which by day is a crazy place selling foods and assorted goodies, while by night it transforms in to a bustling Night Market full of great food at cheap prices!

We hit the Hai Lua Restaurant and managed to get a table with out to much hassle, however 10 minutes later, people we're queuing at the front to get in. The busy eatery has a great menu with plenty of choices from beef, chicken, pork, frogs and seafood. There are also plenty of Vege dishes for vegetarians and a full range of soft drinks, beers and fruit shakes.

We went for the BBQ Whole Fish, BBQ Pork Kabab's, Seafood Fried Rice, Stir Fried Vege's with garlic, all washed down with an icey cold Saigon Beer!

I have to say the food was fresh, hot and really hit the spot. The staff we're flat out, but still attentive and friendly.

Overall it was a great meal and worth the 300,000VND which included food and drinks for 4 people.

The only real issue was the BBQ and smoke as it got rather thick at times! But with the atmosphere, good food and craziness of a Sunday night in HCMC, it was all good!

Ben Thanh Market is located at the end of Le Loi Street in District 1. The Night Market is open from 6pm and finishes up between 11 - 12pm.

Images From Ben Thanh Market

Cooking up a storm at Ben Thanh Night Market

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BBQ Pork Kabab's 

BBQ Whole Fish with a lemon, chili and salt dip

Seafood Fried Rice

Cooking Mekong Elephant Ear Fish and Pork Kabab's

Smokey but a great atmosphere!

Woking good times! 

Busy in the Kitchen

Smoking BBQ


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