Saturday, February 23, 2008

Offshore oil rig WilBoss heading for Vietnam

Awilco jackup WilBoss, built by KFELS

SINGAPORE/VIETNAM: Awilco Offshore's newbuild jackup WilBoss is being anchored off Singapore while the rig is waiting to be transported to Vietnam for its first drilling assignment with Premier Oil.

The rig is scheduled to embark on an exploration and development drilling program in the Blackbird field from March 2008. WilBoss will first drill on the Chim Sao North development well, which is expected to be suspended as a future oil producer. After completing Chim Sao North, the rig will move on to drill exploration wells in the block, including the Chim Ung or Falcon well, which will test a prospect on trend with Chim Sao and other high impact and near-field exploration prospects. The entire drilling program will target reserves in excess of 200 million barrels.