Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Vietnam in 2008

New Year, new success!

New Year 2008 has come.

The year 2007 has passed and having a look back, we are proud of what we have done. Vietnam is going out to the ocean where there are both big waves and high winds. Joining the World Trade Organisation, Vietnam has faced more opportunities and also fiercer competition. However, the country's economic growth reached 8.44%, the highest rate during the past ten years. The number of poor households reduced from 19% to 14.8% and jobs were created for nearly 1,7 million people. Corruption is still rampant, however the corrupt officials have shrunk with fear and a number of them have been punished.

This is reflected through people's increasing belief as they have made further contributions to the State, accounting for 40.5% of GDP in terms of social investment. Foreign investors have also felt reassured by having registered to pour US $20.3 billion into Vietnam.

The position and strength promoted through thousands of years of national construction and defence have continued to develop during the past 20 years of renovation.

Emerging from a state of affair in the long past in which the country was removed on the world map by foreign invasions, Vietnam has now become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council in the 2008-2009 term with the right to participate in deciding important international issues relating to security and peace.

We are proud of the recent great achievements but we will never feel complacent and subjective with these achievements as well as we will never get disheartened and pessimistic.

In this joyful moment, we are fully aware that there are still many issues of great concern because many people are still living in difficulties and poverty and their children are not able to go to school. In addition, the high rate of inflation, estimated at 12.63%, is posing great challenges to all the pay earners, let alone those people who live from hand to mouth.

For thousands of year, has our nation ever gone on without facing difficulties and hardships? However, through challenges, Vietnamese abilities and personalities have been trained and forged. We have mirrored ourselves to follow our ancestors' virtues and studied and followed the exemplary morals of Uncle Ho. So we are proud of what we have done in 2007. Let's advance firmly into the New Year 2008.

New Year, New Success!