Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vietnam becomes new fishing power in Asia

Vietnam – new fishing power in Asia, says researcher

Vietnam is now among the major fish-producing and trading countries, said the chairwoman of the Commission of the Australian Centre for International Agriculture, in a paper presented to the Lowy Institute in Sydney on November 7.

In 2004, Vietnam was the world’s 10 th largest producer of fish and aquatic products, Dr. Meryl Williams said, adding that the country’s aquaculture growth is particularly strong, making it the largest aquaculture producer in Southeast Asia and third in the world in 2004, behind only China and India.

According to Dr. Williams, who was the former director-general of the World Fish Centre until 2004, advances have been greatest in aquaculture in Vietnam despite its late start and it now comprises more than a third of total fish production.

In 2001, Vietnam was the world’s 10 th largest fish exporter, selling 1.8 billion USD and the figure reached close to 2.6 billion USD in 2006, she said.

However, Vietnam’s aggregate fish production also masks underlying signs of overexploitation, while adding to the overall competition for Southeast Asia’s increasingly pressured fish resources, she noted.