Sunday, September 09, 2007

Vietnam's industrial zones total 150

By the end of August 2007, Vietnam had a total of 150 industrial zones (IZs), reported the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Those IZs have a total area of more than 32,300ha, including 21400ha leased already, accounting for 66% of the total area.

IZs are located in 49 cities and provinces but are more concentrated in the three key economic regions of Vietnam. IZs in the southern, northern and central key economic zones account for 80% of the total area of all IZs in the country.

In the first eight months of the year, eight projects to develop infrastructural facilities for IZs were licenced.

According to MPI’s report, of the 150 IZs, 90 have become operational with a total area of 19,800ha and 60 IZs are in the phase of site clearance and infrastructure building.

It is expected that from now to 2015, Vietnam will have an additional 113 IZs with a total area of 29,200ha and 27 expanded IZs with more than 6,000ha of area.

According to the MPI’s Foreign Investment Agency, IZs attracted 253 foreign-invested projects with a total registered capital of more than $2 billion in the January-July period of 2007, accounting for more than 30% of the total registered foreign capital of Vietnam and over 2.7 times more than the same period of 2006.

Accordingly, the total number of foreign-invested projects in IZs is 2,600, with $24.2 billion of registered capital, not including projects to develop IZ infrastructure, which have $976 million of capital.

The average occupancy rate at IZs is 53.5%. It is more than 70% for operating IZs.