Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vietnam to Become Amongst the World’s Preferred Tourist Destinations

/PRZOOM - Newswire/ - International tourist arrivals to Vietnam rose by 23.4% in 2007 as compared to 2006 according to recent report by the government of Vietnam.

Delhi, New Delhi, India, 07/20/2007The total number of foreign visitors to Vietnam in June rose by 23.4% in 2007 over 2006 and by 4.6% in June 2007 over June 2006 totaling 335,000, according to a recent report by Vietnamese government.

As per the Government Statistical Office, during the period of January-June, the majority of visitors came form South Korea and China. Total number of visitors from China totaled 275,718, a decrease of 11.4% compared to 2006 and visitors from South Korea totaled 262,910, up 26.5% over 2006.

The report further indicated 52,471 business arrivals to Vietnam, an increase of 8.3% over 2006 and 43,452 numbers of people visiting their family members, a decrease of 14.8% over 2006.

Vietnam has emerged as a fascinating tourists destination for various types of visitors. The country’s entry into WTO as well as successful organization of APEC summit 2006 has increased the number of tourist arrival to the country.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is targeting countries like Russia, Japan, and South Korea to develop new markets as these countries are considered high-potential markets having wealthy travelers.

By 2010, foreign tourist arrivals in Vietnam are expected to reach 5.5-6 million and domestic to 26 million thereby generating a revenue of US$4- US$4.5 Billion.

A recent report by RNCOS "Opportunities in Vietnam Tourism Industry (2007-2009)”, also predicted Vietnam’s tourist industry to grow. As per the report, by 2011, international arrivals are expected to reach 6.74 Million, 88.27% up from a 3.58 Million in 2006. Similarly, domestic tourist arrivals would also rise due to the growing ease of travel within the country as well as rising disposable incomes.

The report also identified China as Vietnam's largest tourist market, accounting for 14.4% of international visitors in 2006. South Korea remained the second largest, accounting for 11.77% of visitors.

Likewise, report stated Russia as the Vietnam’s potential market citing the steady and rapid increase in number of Russian tourist visiting the country in recent years. Report further attributed Vietnam’s entry into WTO to boost the arrival of business travelers as well as foreign investment to the country.

The research report also addresses some other interesting issues critical for success in Vietnam’s tourism industry like the emerging trends in the Vietnamese tourism sector, future Outlook and Key driving forces as well as opportunities and challenges faced by the Vietnamese tourist industry.

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