Saturday, September 08, 2007

Vietnam firms have invested over US$1 billion overseas

US$1.2b invested abroad

To date, Vietnam has invested abroad about 217 projects worth US$1.178 billion, according to the statistic from the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

During the first seven months of the year, there are 32 projects invested by Vietnamese firms with the total investment capital of over US$200 million.

The statistic from the Ministry of Planning and Investment also showed that Vietnam's projects mainly focused on fields of industry with 39.6% in the project number and 64% in investment capital, agriculture with 21.2% in project number and 22.6% in investment capital and the remaining part was in service sector.

Out of 217 projects abroad, Vietnam's enterprises concentrated on investing in some countries like Laos with 76 projects worth over US$555 million or 35% of the total project and 47% of investment capital and followed by Algeria with one petroleum project worth US$243 million or 20.6% of the investment capital and Cambodia with 22 projects worth US$80.7 million or 10% of the project number and 6.9% of the investment capital.