Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vietnamese thugs shut down oil refinery construction

My comments:This is a huge problem in Vietnam and although there are far more reason to be in Vietnam than not to be, this is a reality and must be planned for. It goes all the way down to personal theft and intimidation of locals as well as expats.

Gov’t urges assaulted company to stay put, police to investigate

Bui Duc Nhan (left, sitting) signs a minute before being transported to Dung Quat police station early Sunday

A contractor applying to withdraw from Vietnam’s vital a billion-dollar oil refinery project due to violence at the site was urged by local authorities to continue its work at an urgent meeting held Monday.

One day prior, the transport ministry’s Bridge Company 12 had submitted a request to the Dung Quat Industrial Zone authority in Quang Ngai province to withdraw from its commitment to build a port pertaining to the new refinery after a string of assaults, robberies and threats were made against its workers.

The company said its 1,000 workers had been threatened and beaten by thugs who held grudges after employees stopped them from stealing construction materials.

Friday and Saturday, several Bridge Company workers were by some 20 thugs with knives and sticks. The hooligans drove motorbikes around the site and beat any worker they found.

We will not investigate,” said a communal police chief immediately after the incident.

Nguyen Xuan Hue, chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee [mayor] held the emergency meeting and instructed the police to investigate and ensure security at the site.

He also advised the company to abandon its pull-out to ensure progress.

For months, there have been reports of serious robberies at the site, a cause of major concern as Dung Quat is to be home to Vietnam’s first oil refinery, which is a billion-dollar must-have for the oil abundant nation that imports gas due to lack of such a facility.

Reported by Thai Anh, Hoang Thuyen - Translated by A.N.O.N

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Published: 27 August, 2007, 20:43:39 (GMT+7)
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