Wednesday, August 29, 2007

East-West Economic Corridor Week opens in Vietnam

The East-West Economic Corridor ( EWEC) week started Monday in Vietnam's central Da Nang city, which is expected to promote the corridor's potential, and attract more investors and sponsors, according to Vietnam News Agency.

"The EWEC week held at an international scale for the first time in Vietnam will help enhance understanding among peoples to strengthen friendly, solidarity and cooperative relations among countries in the corridor," Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem said at the week's opening ceremony.

Countries in the 1,450-km EWEC, which goes through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, should have more effective polices and measures to encourage tourism development, facilitate transport of goods, services and passengers, and create more favorable investment and trade environment, he said.

During the week hosted by the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Aug. 27 to Sept. 2, there will be also an investment- trade-tourism forum, a caravan tour from Vietnam to Laos and Thailand, and many cultural and sports activities with the participation of some 400 officials and entrepreneurs from the four EWEC countries, Japan, China and a number of other countries, and some international organizations.

The EWEC was ratified at the 8th Ministerial Meeting of the Greater Sub-Mekong Region in 1998 with the main goals of enhancing cooperation, accelerating poverty reduction, narrowing development gaps, and strengthening economic linkages in the sub-region and Southeast Asia.

Main cooperation fields in the EWEC include transport, trade, tourism, energy, resources and land exploitation, environment cooperation and human resource development.

Source: Xinhua