Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Germans, Oil, Nuclear Power and Conspiracy

Quang Ngai, Vietnam - Midnight Ramblings

But you know what makes me shake my head when I think about things like oil and power and Germans (they are joined at the hip)?

In the wonderful little town in Germany I live in, where I truly have some amazing friends, they have the largest oil refinery in Germany as well as France (place is called Karlsruhe). Of course the stated official policy in Germany is to shut down all nuclear power stations at some point in the not to distant future, including the nuclear station just upstream from Karlsruhe’s huge, 338,000 barrel a day facility….which is refining the oil using the power directly from the reactors only a few kilometers away (just ride your bike down the Rhine and follow the massive cables overhead to Phillipsburg’s reactors).

And just how is Germany planning on getting power to this refinery? Wind turbines? Solar power???….or maybe French nuclear power just across the border?? That’s the ticket!

We don’t do nuclear power but the French do! And they do a lot of it. How convenient. If their reactor goes critical and radiation spreads all over central Europe, we can point the finger at them….but until then, we’ll keep refining the oil from their nukes and let them worry about the waste. Perfect plan.

Also reminds me of another conversation with a young German intellectual in Hanoi some weeks ago when I asked him about the German submarines that had been sold to Israel. I was promptly told I was wrong. They had been ‘given’ to Israel! Ohhhh, “I see”, I said.

Guess that makes a difference when the Israeli nuclear tipped cruise missiles are launched at Iran from Israeli submarines GIVEN TO THEM by the Germans. Yes, I see….as that technically does not make you an ‘arms merchant’ like those evil Americans (but it is rather funny to read the Jerusalem Post which says they 'bought them'. Guess it depends on who edits which newspaper?) But anyway.....yes, I understand now. Thanks for clearing that up for me….

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Germans. I really do, and grew up saying ‘please’ when I didn’t understand someone (“please” is the English version of ‘bitte’ as those growing up in the German settled Ohio River valley know). I even snuck into many bars at 16 and 17 while under aged and using doctored IDs and was introduced to the pleasure of good ole German brews called “Burger’ and ‘Wiedeman’ from Hudepohl Brewing in Northern Kentucky bars. So Germanic ways come easy to me; especially beer drinking.

Even spent 4 years as a young lad in a bunker there (Wiesbaden, Ramstein, etc.) , protecting them from the evil Soviet Empire and their bad eastern German cousins (who are now all great friends…right!!??) You know what I mean……..God, honor, country and all that good stuff, but it sure is hard to find a German I meet that has ever spent any time in his country’s military defending his ‘homeland’, ‘fatherland’, ’motherland’, …..whatever land! Oh yeah, forgot. That was the poor, uneducated, drafted and duped American’s job to do that! Germans take their young men and make them into artists, poets and engineers who lecture Americans about how evil they are carrying a rifle to protect their (German) freedoms. Duh! Stupid! Yup! I finally get it!

So here I am and there you are. Another part of the world that makes me think, but sometimes I just ramble but it is my ramble. Writing clears my head and makes me understand why I am here, even in a place like ‘Chu Lai’. I wonder how many men before me kept their heads ‘clear’ here in the late 60s and early 70s, while writing home to their loved ones while serving on these same beaches in ‘Nam’? Yes, writing is a good thing…..and maybe Lord Byron had it right when he said, "If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad!"

But the Americans are gone and it seems the Germans are here. What a twist of fate.

I read years ago that the Vietnam War or if you prefer, the American War as it is called here, was all about oil with some cold war dogma mixed in, as Vietnam as well as its neighbors Thailand and now Cambodia knows, everyone is sitting pretty with oil. Think however the oil boys down LBJ way (Texas) didn’t know about it as he committed 500,000 men to combat? Probably Bush didn’t know about that extra 100 Billion barrels of oil in the Iraqi desert that just got ‘discovered’ either before he invaded to destroy all those weapons of mass destruction… Rightttttttttttt…….

Some believe Iraq is political. Bullshit. It’s all about oil as is the looming conflict with Iran. Peak oil has arrived TinTin, and a report from some top notch thinkers in London this month are saying in 4 years we are heading quickly down the backside of that peak. Scary stuff!

Current conflicts in Darfur and Somalia are about peak oil. The beef with Libya was too. The attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea has long fingers back to Halliburton (one of the richest oil nations on earth run by a total despot that got a bit to greedy for Cheney and his boys, Halliburton.) and of course Mr. Chavez and Venezuela are a huge thorn that must be removed according to some. Makes me wonder about Mexico and Canada next…but they got that one figured out as well with NAFTA….and most probably someday at an ATM near you, a new currency for all three! (A Super Dollar after the account deficient is wiped out due to the crash of this dollar!)

Oil. It is all about oil. I am a conspiracy theorist and so are some of the brightest men I have ever met and worked with; and I have met a lot of very bright humans! Things do not happen by accident or coincidence. No such thing. Things are planned and executed by the elite and sometimes, they go wrong, as those that are executing the plans are often picked to do so due to their ‘fanaticism’ or one sided or ‘trained’ beliefs. A good Marine is a perfect example (just ask Smedley Butler) as well as a radical cleric. Both are used by the elite for their own endgames, and that endgame without exception, is about power and money. Oil is a means to an end.

Years ago I watched an amazingly stupid movie called the ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie’. Yeah, you remember; the cartoon characters but this time on the Big Screen with Robert DeNiro, as the evil villain. You know the plot; Cold War evil villains trying to blow up the world with the leaders on both sides using amazingly inept, incompetent, bumbling idiots to carry out their plans for world domination or salvation. Sound familiar? Even Dan Quayle’s name is on the PNAC web site. Vice President Dan Quayle!!! Remember him? Somebody missed a great opportunity not getting him a cameo in the ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie’ for the good guy's side. Watch it sometime and put on a different pair of ‘rose colored glasses’ and you might catch what I mean.

Good night from Vietnam.....